Sunday, May 13, 2012

Good Customer Service will get you far....

    and Bad Customer Service will get you a snarky blog post (and bad karma). I know Customer Service is *hell*, been there did that. I had to listen to whiny fanboys (and fangirls) who were trying to buy up movie memorabilia complain about how they watched such and such movie 500 times still by still (this is an actual conversation-its too good to make up) and they didn't see the item they purchased.  Or they would want to know if a certain movie actress had left their DNA on the blouse they wore (eww). So believe me I can sympathize, but a general lack of caring and willingness to right something that is your will come back to bite you. So, here goes....
   Going against Dorothy Parker's advice that men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses, I go for my yearly (tri-yearly) eye exam and I pick out some lovely glasses, very I work for NASA and can do quantum physics in my sleep. Two weeks later I go to pick them up. I try them on and everything is blurry. "Your eyes are just adjusting", they say. "I don't think so", I say. I try them for about an hour and realize that I cannot wear this super cute and very expensive glasses. I call Customer Service, I'm told that I have 30 days and if I am not satisfied (very not satisfied) that I can get a new pair. I schedule another eye exam since the first was wrong (I find this out during the second eye exam that the doctor  that did the first was way off...I mean going from a 3.75 to a 6?!)
    So, another two weeks and I call to see if I can pick up my glasses...."Oh, we're sorry, but your prescription is too strong for those frames" guys couldn't have figured that out when I had my last exam...I mean, you're a freakin' doctor, right?!
    So I go back in (the eye store is in a mall..ugh) and pick out a new pair of frames. Two weeks later (this is now TWO MONTHS from the first appointment) I finally get to pick up my new glasses and thank goodness they were right....I also got to keep the first pair of glasses that didn't work.
   So, you see Visionworks...bad customer service lead to me getting a free pair of glasses that I can't use on top of my new workable frames...*sigh*

   What a waste of 2 months....

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